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Move over Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, here comes Lugana!

Perla del Garda

I have served Lugana Wines at tastings in the United States to friends and clients. Every single time the tasters respond with surprise, delight and a “where can I get this”? I am in love with Lugana wines. They are beautiful white wines, pale straw yellow, with a delicate bouquet – a blend of floral, fresh fruit and almond notes. …

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VinoTripping to Lombardy, Italy – Emerging Regions, Great QPR – Valcalepio

Moscato di Scanzo

Traveling to Italy to vinotrip has been one of my dreams. I expected to visit the more well-known regions of Piedmont or Tuscany for my first wine tasting trip to Italy, but Lombardy was calling. I had heard of Franciacorta for sparkling wines, Valtellina for it’s Nebbiolo and Oltrepo for its Pinot Noir, but I had no idea how absolutely …

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VINO!™ The Most Versatile Wine Tasting Card Game on the Market – fun and educational

VINO! Card Game

There are many fun ways to use the VINO! card deck. Check out the versions detailed below. Solitaire:  1 player: Remove the Somm cards and bonus cards from the deck, leaving only the picture cards (119). Place the card deck face down. Take a bottle of wine, put it in a blind tasting bag and try not to look at the …

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Champagne… ’til we meet again

Champagne:  We expected about an hours drive to Reims, and when we arrived we found the city to be a bit drab.  We checked in to our really different hotel, Grand Hotel Des Templier, and headed out to see the center of it all, the avenue where all of the big champagne houses are… Taittinger, Veuve Cliquot, Ruinart…. The area …

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St. Emilion and the Right Bank of Bordeaux

overlooking petrus

St. Emilion – We drove by the cutest city, all up a hill of limestone.  The ancient city still stands and it is laced with cobblestone streets and little shops and cafes.  The city is built on this limestone hill.  The area was once underneath a great sea, and so the soil is limestone with shells and fossils.  We learned …

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Day 2 on the Left Bank of Bordeaux


The next morning we breakfasted and bid goodbye to Erwan, jumped in the car and headed up the Medoc towards the ocean. We arrived at Chateau Fieuzal and were greeted by Annabelle Denis, their Chargée de Communication.  Annabelle has worked at Fieuzal for years. They had sent her to intern in Napa the previous year, so her English and her …

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Cite Du Vin and beyond

cite du vin

The Cite du Vin is located in the city of Bordeaux on the bank of the river.  The design was architected to look like wine swirling in a glass and it is a beautiful building.  The exhibits were really interesting, all based around understanding wine, its history and enjoying wine… without actually having a glass in hand.  There were many, …

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Day 3 and 4: Bordeaux – Left Bank – Graves, Bordeaux and Medoc

blending class cht pape clement

Planning:  I always do intense internet searching for any trip.  Through searching, reading about tours, blogs, trip advisor and other reviews, I found castles where anyone can spend a night and it’s reasonably priced for such a special venue. Tip:  If you email or call properties directly, often times they will give you a better rate than online.  You may …

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Bonarda or Bonarda or Charbono?

Bonarda or Bonarda or Charbono?;

Sommossa Bonarda dell’Oltrepo Pavese DOC 2021 I recently participated in a lovely wine dinner in Boston put on by the Consortium Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese at Forcella in Boston, MA. We tasted a selection of wonderful wines highlighted in my recent series Oltrepò Pavese Wines. One wine in particular reminded me of a topic I had covered on my virtual …

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Oltrepò Pavese Wine Series: Frecciarossa Pinot Nero DOC, Carillo 2022 and Cordero San Giorgio

Oltrepò Pavese Wine Series: Frecciarossa Pinot Nero DOC, Carillo 2022 and Cordero San Giorgio;

Frecciarossa Pinot Nero DOC, Carillo 2022 Our visit to Frecciarossa was unforgettable. The hospitality was incredible, the villas for stay were immaculate, the farm is sustainable and the scenery beautiful. They boast a 100 year old history and the winemaker, Valeria Radici Odero, is a wonderful hostess. Her mamma and papa walk around the grounds and greet the visitors. We …

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Oltrepo Pavese Wine Series: Bruno Verdi 2022 Pinot Grigio / La Travaglina, DOC Riesling Rugiadè 2022

Oltrepo Pavese Wine Series: Bruno Verdi 2022 Pinot Grigio / La Travaglina, DOC Riesling Rugiadè 2022;

La Travaglina, DOC Riesling Rugiadè 2022 The Bruno Verdi 2022 Pinot Grigio was a huge surprise. It had a bigger, much more substantial mouthfeel than I expected. They only make 100,000 bottles in a tiny town with 40 families where this winery is located. They also make an amazing sparkling wine. If given the opportunity, I would buy this again …

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Oltrepò Pavese: Cà Di Frara DOCG Metodo Classico Pinot Nero T4

Oltrepò Pavese: Cà Di Frara DOCG Metodo Classico Pinot Nero T4;

The region is most known for their Sparkling Wines, made with minimum 70% Pinot Noir, then Chardonnay and then grey pinot (pinot gris) up to 30% max. These wines are made in the metodo classico and are DOCG wines. We saw production of many of these wines when I visited and they were very good quality, tight bubbles, cream, strawberry, …

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Bertani Winery – sipping velvet rubies

Bertani Winery

“I wasn’t quite paying attention to the brilliant, ruby red wine I was being poured. I took a sip… I was stopped in my tracks.” September 2022 at the wine media conference in Desenzano del Garda, Italy, we were being served lunch at the hotel. Typically a winery or group of wineries will sponsor the lunch and they are each …

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Emerging Regions – Oltrepo Pavese Italy

Frecciarossa Oltrepo Pavese

In search of an emerging wine region? Love good food, and exciting regions shaping the quality of fine wine, food and travel?  Look no further than Oltrepo Pavese, Italy. Oltrepo Pavese is a region 45 minutes outside of Milan, sandwiched between Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. Both of those regions are known for specific wines throughout the world and for a …

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Wine Tripping to Northern Italy

Lombardy, Italy

My favorite annual wine conference is finally here! And this year it is in Northern Italy!!! There are over 350 different varietals in Italy over 20 growing areas Lake Garda is the home to many incredible wines Tuscany is NOT the only fine wine region in Italy Italian wine making is 4000 years old I will be tasting/sharing about many …