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Headed To My First Wine Bloggers Conference


In two days I am heading out to my first Wine Bloggers Conference, #wbc2018.  I have heard stories and cautionary tales and I am beyond excited, and a bit nervous, to hang out and write and party and tour with this crazy group of people.  This is a group who are following their dreams of bringing insights to their readership, sharing and teaching about wine and the wine industry.

These are my people.  The people who drop everything to travel, to see the sights and taste the environment.  The teachers and educators who remember by storytelling.  If I had been born before the written word, I would have been a story teller.  I remember my dad telling stories by the fire, us children gathered around hanging on every word and infusing emotions… I am sure to offer some great stories after this trip as well.

I arrive in Walla Walla, WA Wednesday night and will be picked up from my hotel first thing Thursday morning by the owner of Force Majeure for a tour of the new facilities, a vineyard walk, a view of The Rocks District AVA, a discussion with a Geologist and then lunch and tastings at Force Majeure with Todd Alexander, former WineMaker from Bryant Family Vineyard.  This is only in the morning Thursday.

By the afternoon we will be heading in to the conference for our sessions.

Thursday night I have the fortune of being able to visit Caderetta’s glass house for a guided tasting dinner.

Friday and Saturday are full of speed tasting and blogging sessions and seminars.

Follow me for updates and speed tasting insights on twitter #artisanwinegrp11, instagram, facebook and my later blog entries.  I cannot wait for the challenge!

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Alison worked as a teacher right out of college, spending her summers traveling the world. On one of her adventures, she visited Stellenbosch and Paarl in South Africa, which ignited a lifelong passion for learning about wine. In 2004, she worked as a Wine Consultant and began to study wine more intensively. While working in Talent Aquisition, she completed her Advanced Certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust in the UK. Her wine travels have taken her to the wine growing regions of the US, Europe, Africa and Australia. Alison is a Wine, Travel and Lifestyle Media Influencer and is also an Intuitive Career Coach. She recently created and released her successful wine tasting card game VINO! Alison runs wine events, mindful tastings, recruits and coaches on branding and marketing yourself in this difficult market and is a speaker with a focus on finding joy in the little things.

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