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(Jan 24, 2019) – Attending the Fantastic Easter Seals NH Winter Wine Spectacular?

Easter Seals Wine Event NH

New Hampshire wine week is quickly approaching and of the highlights is the 16th annual Winter Wine Spectacular. This is an evening of incredible wine and one of my favorites of the year. It is January 24th at the DoubleTree in Manchester, NH

The Easter Seals Wine Spectacular is a key fundraiser and a joint effort between Easter Seals and New Hampshire liquor stores, so the selection is unbelievable.

Below are a few tips on attending the festival:

  1. Arrive early. A line forms at least a half hour before the event begins. There is a jacket check and it is all run very efficiently so the line does move quickly, but have your tickets ready.
  2. As you enter, you will be given a tasting glass and an order form so that you can mark the wines you want to order that evening. At each booth where you taste, there are stickers for the corresponding bottles. Make sure you ask, because sometimes the reps are busy and forget to give you one. They use the numbers to check you out. If you order 12, you receive 15% off of your purchase.
  3. The food is typically on the back wall and the best booths will have lines to them.
  4. If you are one of those people who want to get to their favorite wines first, the map and vendor information is given just before the event. You can choose your route through the many vendors.
  5. If you don’t want to deal with crowds, there is a Cellar Select room where the wines served are $25-400.
  6. The silent auction in the grand tasting room is in the middle. They have some great auctions and they are for a great cause, so keep an eye out for it!
  7. Highlights of last years event: The owner of Michael David Winery (maker of Freakshow, Inkblot and Lust!) was in attendance with his wife and discussed his favorites with us. One of our friends received a signed bottle from the owner, which was a special treat.
  8. One of the winemakers from Rodney Strong, who makes the reserve wines, was there. We talked travel and terroir and great wine and it was wonderful. I placed my order at the end, and when I picked it up, I had received a signed bottle.
  9. At the end, if you order at least 12 bottles, you get a 15% discount. We typically combine orders and end up with several cases. We pick them up at the wine store within the next few weeks.

Overall, this event is truly amazing for the price, quality of wine, food, atmosphere and access to leaders in the wine industry. You can still purchase tickets at Easter Sales Wine Spectacular. See you there!

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