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Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Classica 2019 – organic

Bonarda from Argentina

by Marla Kane

Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Classica 2019 from Mendoza, Argentina is made with organic grapes, no oak, and costs about  $10 a bottle.  That’s what I call a trifecta!  Even better, the aroma of olives enticed me when I stole a sniff while it was decanting.  Being olive-obsessed, I was drawn immediately.   This bonarda is an inky dark plum color with a maroon halo and emits plums and sweet violets while also evoking the beach because of the briny aroma of the olives.  The first few sips bring minerals, cherries, plums, and a taste of sour candies.  After the fourth sip there is a silky, almost velvety sensation that spreads across the middle of my tongue.  It’s so lovely you don’t want it to ever end!   

We chilled a small portion of the bottle, but prefer to sip it at room temperature.     We find that a colder temperature on the palate takes away the range of flavors we were tasting when it’s warmer. 

We paired this Las Liebres Bonarda with cheeseburgers topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions.  A perfect match to bring out the complexities of this terrific red varietal.

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