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Seastone Vinho Verde

Seastone Vinho Verde

by Marla Kane

Seastone Vinho Verde is an entertaining white wine blend from the Minho region of Portugal.  Literally translated Vinho Verde means “green wine” a color not typically associated with wine which refers to its youthful age because we typically drink it a short time after it is bottled.  Even though this wine hasn’t been around the block compared to more aged varietals, it offers a great tasting experience. 

As soon as we open the bottle we smell lemon, citrus, stones, water, minerals.  Medium-bodied and slightly effervescent, it tastes tart, fruity, green apple and a bit of orange, with plenty of minerals.  The flavors hit you right in the jaw area, in a good way.    

Dry at first with a sweet finish, it lasts a long time on the palate, particularly when we ate pepper jack and mozzarella cheeses, spicy fish tacos, and raspberries.   The best part:  this wine tastes terrifically smooth while sipping with our homemade guacamole.

We love Vinho Verde!  It’s our new fave white varietal to relax with on a hot summer day.   While many of the other vinho verde choices at the store were around 9% ABV, this wine’s 11% alcohol will help you chill out more effectively.  Seastone is a great, affordable wine in the $6-7 range that we’ve been enjoying this summer and (gasp) choosing it over our beloved roses!  

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