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Oltrepo Pavese Wine Series: Bruno Verdi 2022 Pinot Grigio / La Travaglina, DOC Riesling Rugiadè 2022

La Travaglina, DOC Riesling Rugiadè 2022

The Bruno Verdi 2022 Pinot Grigio was a huge surprise. It had a bigger, much more substantial mouthfeel than I expected. They only make 100,000 bottles in a tiny town with 40 families where this winery is located. They also make an amazing sparkling wine. If given the opportunity, I would buy this again and I am not a huge Pinot Grigio fan typically.

La Travaglina, DOC Riesling Rugiadè 2022

This was the most surprising of the wines of the evening at Forcella in Boston. I remembered this winemaker from my trip the year before and he was a pleasure to listen to as he talked about his wines. The company makes riesling both from rhineland riesling (german) and italian riesling. My favorites were the rhineland riesling, the italian producing a little lighter, less complex wines.

This riesling was exeptional. The color was honey, dark yellow and the flavor was ripe pear. Very full bodies, not sweet, and paired really well with the cacio e pepe.

Riesling with cacio a pepe

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