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Love the Syrah!
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Eastern Washington State Wine Tripping – Treveri and Owen Roe

Treveri Cellars in Wapato was a recommended stop after Yakima and the winery is very pretty. It is about 15 minutes down the road from Yakima. The tasting room was comfortably set up, the view was really nice and they also served food. This would be a beautiful room for an event. The kids really liked the flatbread and Mr. M and …

Alexandria Nicole, WA
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Wine Touring, Eastern Washington – Yakima and Prosser

Driving out from Seattle it took about 3 hours to Yakima. Once you get through the mountains, the scenes are breathtaking. Rolling brown and yellow hills, lots of sun, windmills and spots of green where areas are watered. Mr. M, the kids and I arrived in Yakima, a small town, and made our way to KanaCellars first. We were surprised …

horse heaven hills
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Wine Tripping Around the Finger Lakes, Upstate NY

The finger lakes are world renowned for their Reislings and are quickly becoming a food and wine destination. The region is gaining notoriety as well for their Cabernet Francs, Meritage’s (red blends) and for success with hybrid cold weather varietal clones. With the establishment of Isabelle Godatke and Christopher Bates’ (Master Sommelier; #1 Sommelier by Wine Enthusiast, 2016) farm to table restaurant FLX Table in …